Power VIBE Body Energizer

What is the power vibe body energizer?

Borrowing from a technique used by Olympic athletes for more than 40 years, the Power Vibe Body Energizer produces high-frequency vibration impulses to help improve muscle strength/tone and bone density, speed weight loss and enhance overall physical performance. Simply hold on to the grippy bars, and stand or squat on the non-slip platform (or try one of the many alternate positions). In just two to four minute sessions, three to five times a week, you’ll notice a remarkable difference within a month. Also suitable as a massage device, with the same detox/recovery benefits as a conventional massage. LED-timer control panel with 5-speed setting. Includes protective floor mat and padded knee/back pad. 


·       Produces high-frequency vibration to help improve muscle strength and speed weight loss

·       Heavy duty steel construction

 ·       5 levels vibration speed

 ·       15 minutes time program

 ·       Weight limit is 250 lbs

 ·       Transport wheel

 ·       High class Anti-oil rubber pad

·       Speed: 1st Speed-1300 rpm/ 2nd Speed-1730 rpm/ 3rd Speed-2150 rpm/ 4th Speed- 2580 rpm/ 5th Speed-2840 rpm