Text Box: You open this out of curiosity, or, more likely, out of frustration. You cannot find an answer to your health problems. You don’t know what to do next.
Give me few minutes of your time. Maybe what you’re reading now will lead you to a solution!

Text Box: I would like to introduce myself.

Text Box: Medicine has always been my passion. I graduated from Kiev Medical School (Ukraine) in 1973, specializing in the field of neurology. My interest in acupuncture grew from own needs. While pregnant, I contracted a sinus infection. Wanting urgently to avoid taking antibiotics, I tried acupuncture. The results were amazing. I decided right then to learn more about the ancient practice, to the great surprise of my family of western medical doctors.
When I immigrated to the US in 1987, I decided to narrow my medical practice to acupuncture, not knowing the difference between an MD and an Acupuncturist (in Europe you must be an MD to practice acupuncture). In 1991, I graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture and went to China for my clinical training. In 1996, I earned my Masters degree in the field of acupuncture.
I opened my first private practice in Sharon, MA in 1992. The years passed by, the practice grew, and in 1999 I opened the Healing Center in Mansfield, MA. My solid reputation, volume of patients and love of the work continues to grow.

Text Box: “Many factors affect the harmonious flow of Yin and Yang energy in our body.”
Text Box: Let me share with you what acupuncture is about, and magic power of it..

Text Box: Does it work right away? When you try to teach a dog a trick, you repeat it few times till the dog gets it right. It’s the same with acupuncture. It takes three to five treatments to get a tangible result. But like a dog, our body can surprise us w.ith a quick response.
I view each individual as an integrated whole and observe how signs and symptoms are woven together in order to understand the underlying “energetic profile” of a person’s health.
Acupuncture is a power tool for pain control of a different nature, with results in treating musculo-skeletal and gynecological problems as well as cancer and all types of headaches. It helps with digestion, allergies, and stress too.
Acupuncture is also effective in boosting metabolism and reducing appetite, which is essential for those wishing to loose weight. Ability of intradermal needles to stimulate the production of collagen, improve microcirculation, and increase the tonus of facial tissues explains the gaining popularity of its use for facial rejuvenation.
According to the National Institute of Health and the World Health Organization, acupuncture is proven effective for the treatment of many common problems.  Please see the attachment for the list, and even if you don’t find your problem listed, don’t hesitate to call for a complimentary phone consultation.
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“My interest in acupuncture grew from own needs.”
Text Box: According to Chinese philosophy, all of creation is born from the marriage of two polar principles: Yin and Yang. If Yin and Yang are in balance, there is good weather, good fortune and good health. Many factors affect the harmonious flow of Yin and Yang energy in our body. Among them, there are injuries, overwork, stress, poor diets, etc which can cause blockage of energy channels. The results of such blockage are disorders, diseases – disasters!
So what can be done to eliminate these problems?  Acupuncture can be used to restore the flow by increasing energy in the areas that need it.  Acupuncture points have a higher concentration of nerve endings and blood vessels than surrounded tissues have. Placing needles on these points stimulates the production of anti-inflammatory and pain killing substances produced by our body (i.e. Cortisol and Endorphin). It also reduces muscle spasms. In order to make treatment more effective, methods such as heat application, electro-stimulation, and massage with Chinese liniments are applied. Each treatment is tailored individually and reflects your condition and needs.
My office is equipped with EMI, a modern technique that quantifies and tracks the imbalance of energy in the body’s meridians. Please see the attachment for details.