Acupuncture Treatment  Details

Acupuncture Treatments Information

1. Initial visit

a)      Evaluation including: Complains, Medical History and Current conditions of different organs & systems;

b)     Electro Meridian Imaging: measurement of energy level and disbalance. Patient receives copy of diagnostics summary and dietary suggestions;

c)      Eastern examination: Pulse, Tongue, abdominal palpation;

d)     Neurological examination if appropriate;

e)      Acupuncture treatment, including: massage of involving area with variety of Chinese liniments; Moxibustion; Infrared; Electro stimulation, auriculotherapy, magneto therapy & herbal patches if necessary

Patient receives the daily notes form of after-treatment observations

Time of visit: 1h30m 2h

2. Regular visit

a) short discussion of current condition and post-treatment daily notes

b) Pulse and Tongue diagnosis

c) Acupuncture treatment like on Initial visit

Time of visit: 1h-1h15m

3. Some discounts and packages available. Call us

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4. PIP for auto accidents accepted